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From Coexistence to Conquest: International Law and the Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 1891-1949

Victor Kattan

"Differing historical narratives and competing legal claims have characterized the Palestinian issue for over a hundred years. Victor Kattan gives them new meaning in his excellent study, which contains much new historical material and many new legal insights. His portrayal of issues such as the Balfour Declaration, the establishment and operation of the Mandate, the Partition proposal, the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes in 1948-9 and the consequent refugee crisis serves to remind us of how international law has failed the Palestinians. At the same time it is a warning that a settlement of the Palestinian issue not premised on international law is doomed to fail".

John Dugard, Professor of Public International Law Emeritus, Leiden University and UN Special Rapporteur to the Occupied Palestinian Territories 2000-2008


"No conflict in modern history has presented so many legal issues, which presumably could have been solved applying international law. This book highlights a number of these issues as they relate to the establishment of the State of Israel.  The author's style is crisp and direct, making it easy for the reader to follow complex legal issues".

M. Cherif Bassiouni, Distinguished Research Professor of Law at DePaul University College of Law and President Emeritus of the International Human Rights Law Institute

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To purchase this book on click here

To purchase this book on click here

Publication Date: 12th June 2009
Price: £29.99 ($54.95)
ISBN: 978 0 7453 2579 8 Hardback 978 0 7453 2578 1 Paperback

The Palestine Question in International Law

Victor Kattan

In this series of essays, with contributions from leading international lawyers, some of the most important questions relating to the Israel-Palestine conflict are addressed and reproduced in one complete volume to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the creation of Israel and the demise of the British mandate of Palestine.

To purchase copies of this book, please visit the website of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law by clicking here.

Publication Date: 14th May 2008
Price: £90.00
ISBN: 9781905221301

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“This is an elegant and forceful narrative by a young Palestinian scholar.”

— Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations (1992-1997)



"Readers, whatever their view of the Arab-Israeli conflict, will appreciate this lucid and scholarly work. Kattan explains how Jews and Palestinians were tragically caught up in the net of Great Power politics. His critique of Zionism, while robust, fully acknowledges the oppression that the Jews of Europe suffered through antisemitism, a subject that he treats with sensitivity and insight. This is one reason why, beyond explaining the origins of the conflict, this book could contribute to its resolution".

— Brian Klug, Senior Research Fellow & Tutor, St. Benet's Hall, University of Oxford















"It is often suggested that a little goodwill and give and take could resolve the conflict between Israel and Palestine. This collection of some of the best legal analysis of the matter is a timely reminder that there are fundamental legal rights and duties at stake, and basic questions of the Rule of Law, which must be understood and addressed if a just and durable settlement of this desperately sad, and ultimately dehumanizing, situation is to be found".

—Professor Vaughan Lowe QC, Chichele Professor of Public International Law, All Souls College, University of Oxford.

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